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Deponie Kodersdorf

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Chez TKK GmbH nous réalisons une élimination sûre des déchets afin d’assurer une alternative ...

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Brownfield Redevelopment

The Ton- und Kieswerke Kodersdorf GmbH is a strategic partner in the redevelopment of brownfields and contaminated sites into sustainable real estate projects.

The redevelopment of brownfields is in the interest of all parties as they:

  • pose a potential health risk
  • contribute to decreased property values for the surrounding area
  • present an opportunity cost in jobs and unearned tax revenues
  • can be an eye sore for neighbours

At TKK GmbH, We approach each project with cost-effective waste management strategies to support socially responsible land use and development practices.

If you are developing or are aware of any brownfield in need of revitalization, even if you are not the owner but what like to see it put back into productive use, please don't hesitate to contact us.