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Deponie Kodersdorf

The Ton- und Kieswerke Kodersdorf GmbH is a strategic partner in the redevelopment of ...

We are a fully certified and operating Class I landfill and certified specialised waste ...

On our 400.000m2 sand and gravel works we extract a wide range of gravel...

Route Description

ON HIGHWAY A4, take EXIT 93, towards KODERSDORF/ ROTHENBURG/ GÖRLITZ (NOT #92 Nieder Seifersdorf)

Turn LEFT onto B115/E40 (towards NIESKY).

Continue to follow B115.

(*Careful, stationary photo-radar station in Kodersdorf).

Turn Right onto STRASSE DER EINHEIT/B115.

Turn Right at Bahnhofstraße/K8434

(Watch for TKK Signs „Deponie“ with arrows indicating direction)

Follow Bahnhofstraße/K8434 for 3,8 km

Drive through the town of Kodersdorf-Bahnhof.

Cross the train tracks

Continue along Am Bahnhof/K8434‎

Turn left on Tatra Street (not a paved road) indicated by signs of TKK GmbH