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Deponie Kodersdorf

The Ton- und Kieswerke Kodersdorf GmbH is a strategic partner in the redevelopment of ...

We are a fully certified and operating Class I landfill and certified specialised waste ...

On our 400.000m2 sand and gravel works we extract a wide range of gravel...

Welcome To Our Website

Located near Görlitz, Germany, the Ton- und Kieswerke Kodersdorf GmbH (TKK Gmbh) ensure our clients, our neighbours, and the environment a safe and long-term solution for their mineral wastes adherent to the strictest and most recent of environmental regulations.
With our flexibility and dedication to customer service, we handle projects of any size.

Our services include:

  • Safe and correct disposal of your waste
  • Issuing disposal certificates
  • Overseeing the notification procedure
  • Advice from competent waste professionals
  • Analyses of waste material
  • Preparation of dispatch notes
  • Support in Logistics
  • Sale of sand and gravel from our own Quarry