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Deponie Kodersdorf

The Ton- und Kieswerke Kodersdorf GmbH is a strategic partner in the redevelopment of ...

We are a fully certified and operating Class I landfill and certified specialised waste ...

On our 400.000m2 sand and gravel works we extract a wide range of gravel...


At TKK GmbH we provide the safe disposal of wastes to ensure an alternative to an option that may be harmful to the environment and society in general. Our landfill is conformant to the strictest of German regulations.
We have placed the necessary funds in reserve to ensure the community the safe closure and post-site monitoring required to return the land to public use.


Before any wastes are delivered to TKK GmbH, we ensure the waste adheres to over 50 chemical and physical parameters as per our acceptance criteria. The wastes are further controlled in regular intervals to warrant no deviations from these criteria


We are fully certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV). In addition to being certified by the government as a landfill [SD 8432289], we are certified according to §52 KrW/AbfG [Nr. 801.0439/08/Efb] as a specialized waste management company. This seal and certification requires the approval of the highest Land authority.